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"The above recommendations apply here, with this added note: simply, no incumbents, for me. It’s far too complex to go into here, and few follow what the District does, but I have two main criticisms with this Board: they lack any sliver of transparency (and in fact have been caught in several scandalous “omissions”), and they seem much more focused on constructing shiny new buildings, many not needed, at exorbitant cost running over $1B, than they are on students’ and teachers’ real needs."


Los Angeles Times 10-8-22

"“This was the school that was the most diverse school,” Warner said. “This is how they treated this school. So all of the promises, all of the performative ideas about equity seem to ring hollow when this school shut down due to mismanagement that 100% could have been avoided.”"

Water damage, mold closed a Santa Monica elementary school. Parents say it follows years of neglect

Craig Foster decides not to run. Leading the path forward for our slate.


CBS News 10-6-22

District closes Santa Monica school because of mold and termites

Santa Monica Mirror 10-11-22

John Muir / SMASH Parents Hold Rally Outside SMMUSD Offices

“If you don’t listen when your employees tell you there’s mold, the problem gets worse and you end up spending millions on mitigation and lawsuits. That’s exactly what’s happening, and it’s our kids who suffer. It’s indicative of the fundamentally problematic culture of our school board and district management. The mold was known about for years and not addressed. Kids got sick and now the school is closed and we don’t know when we’ll get our neighborhood school back.” MILES WARNER

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